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Oceanscape Inc. is a design company offering an innovative and highly economical approach to aquariums, water features and exhibit development. New development from piping manufacturers now allows us to design “green – eco-friendly” aquatic filtration systems that are  l.e.e.d.  compatible. Our experience can take your project from conception phase through completion.

John Nunn, President and CEO of Oceanscape Inc., has a diverse background in all phases of design, project management, maintenance and operation of aquariums. Over twenty years of experience in sea water systems has allowed us to develop cost effective, space saving designs that are also energy efficient.

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Oceanscape works with owners, architects, engineers and planners to provide design and construction methods to meet budget requirements.

We consult with aquarium staff to update existing life support systems using space saving, energy efficient technology to update exhibits and provide alternative, cost effective lighting.


Oceanscape designs tanks of all sizes, water features, marine life support, exhibits and lighting systems. We can provide 3-D drawings and physical models scaled to practical sizes. Our experience in large projects allows for quick turnaround in pricing that works well for fast track projects.

Oceanscape also has a large inventory of unique and proven designs available for your next project.

We are able to provide designs for exhibits, themed elements, underwater seascapes, artificial corals, rockscapes and acrylic.

Marine Life Support

Oceanscape offers life support systems designed for maximum energy efficiency utilizing proprietary space saving components that guarantee excellent water clarity and quality to ensure a healthy aquatic habitat.

Monitors, controls and alarms are important tools used to insure that proper water quality criteria and biological oxygen demand are met. Automatic phone dialers and backup power supply are available for all of our life support designs.

Packaged marine life support systems mounted on skids can also be designed for your system. All equipment is of the highest industry standards for excellent performance and long life.

Exhibits and Lighting

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Whether it's a rain forest or a million-gallon aquarium, Oceanscape's designs provide quality themed elements and lighting systems that highlight and enhance your project.

Oceanscape has developed relationships with manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in pre-manufactured FRP rockwork to ensure cost efficient and time saving installations.

Lighting systems have the most profound impact on how well your tank looks. By sizing and selecting the correct types of fixtures we can guarantee that your tanks and exhibits are optimally displayed. Over the years we have found what works and continues to work in the harsh sea water environment.

Acrylic Installation and Water Proofing

Methods and materials for water proofing, sealing of acrylic panels as well as proper installation of acrylic determines the overall success of an installation.

Oceanscape works with the best materials and individuals in the industry to insure a quality installation.


Oceanscape has developed relationships with manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in pre-manufactured FRP rockwork to ensure cost effecient and time saving installations.